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4 responses on “NOIMOA Blogtalk Radio Newsletter

  1. nancy carter says:

    i would like take this opportunity 1 to thank ALLAH for all your work !!! Please let me know how I can be a part of the solution!!!! Sincerely GODS rubicon

    • Norfolkmoa says:

      Peace Sister Nancy Carter, thank you very much for your kind words. We at blog talk radio appreciate your contribution, comments and desire to be a part of the solution. There is a need to educate young people about GMO’s and healthy eating, let’s talk. Give me a call at 757-727-9489, I am Sister Intisar Majidah Muhammad, on the blogtalkradio show.

  2. louisvillemoa says:

    ASA, Enjoyed very much reading the Newsletter.. Thank you. Pamelia Muhammad

    • Norfolkmoa says:

      You are welcome! Sister Pamelia Muhammad. We publish in January, April, July and October. We spend some time collecting the news and research and having the blogtalkradio in between so that we have something to write about. What is so interesting is that out of all the topics I work with my favorite is cooking. Cooking requires my un-divided attention, yet I can create and be relaxed about it. Plus it’s really nice to know that a cook can not be hungry for unusual periods if time, and they can literally be the first to eat :-) Sister Intisar Majidah Muhammad

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